The Lauren (the second)

The Lauren (the second)

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This collection of wearable art features cured, scavenged bark from the heart of Kansas Fucking City and the fringe is reclaimed scrap from countless other pieces and collections created over the past year. Choose from one of the ready to ship pieces, snag a custom slice of Rinda, or name your price and I will make you a creation of something magic. 

{The Lauren (the second) Specifics}
Closure - adjustable slip knot
Length - 24" (this is an ish measurement at its longest and this style can be adjusted to be as short as you want. Hello chokers.)
Bark - long and awesome
Fringe - singed, fringed, and sexy

PS -  I used my friends names for this collection because I literally cannot express just how unique and perfect each one of these are. Just like every damn one of the people from their namesake.

Lauren, if you're reading this, thank you for being such a constant source of encouragement and love. Also, your brother keeps throwing things at me. xoxo