Do you offer shipping?
Yes! We currently ship within the USA! Contact me for international shipping info!

When will I receive my order?
For custom orders, roughly 2-4 weeks! I am in communication from the time your order is placed (usually before) until your piece is shipped. Orders are dropped off with our Mom and Pop shipping store on M/W/F for both ready to ship and customs! If you need to expedite your order for a holiday/birthday/event, just let me know!

How do I order a custom piece? 
You go to whatever style you're drawn to and select the size you're looking for! After purchasing, we will dive into the details of your custom piece. I want to know how you want your piece to feel, the energy you want it to give off. Tell me your dreams and let me create for you! If that doesn't resonate with you, that's okay! A reference picture that brings you joy or simply a photo of your space will do just fine. Tell me your story. That's where my work comes from. You. I'll get your number or email upon checkout and we will get to work!

What if I don't know what style I want?
That's okay! I really love-love having that amount of creative control when creating something truly custom for their spirit. The amount of soul searching, trust, and knot magic that goes in to a radically custom piece like this has been nothing but amazing.  This actually might be my personal favorite. Thank you for trusting me! 

How does your pricing work?
Ready to ship items are priced separately from custom items. Right now, my custom work is based on width. Length is determined by me unless otherwise requested (additional cost may incur).
Under 12" - $100
Up to 20" - $200
Up to 30" - $300
Over 30" - custom quote based on style/design

How do I make sure I order the right size?
Just let me know what you have in mind! Communication is key! I don't really have a "regular" size in length or in height. Your actual art may be under a certain length but the wood/copper it hangs on will be different! If you're looking to fill a specific space, just let me know! Measurements are good, pictures are even better!

Where do the materials come from?
Reducing waste in society is one of my wild passions. If I can take something discarded and turn it into something beautiful, something that longs to be touched, I feel like I've gifted something to the universe. I constantly look for fiber/scrap metal to be transformed into art.

Why should I trust you to create for my space?
Because I believe everyone should have a part of their soul on their walls. I want to create that for you.