About Abi

My name is Abi and I do a lot of things. I weave, do macramé, reuse as many things as I can, mess up a lot, and spend a lot of time playing with paint. I call myself a fiber artist, but honestly what I do is somewhere between several art forms and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Somewhere Between was born from a resolution to spread more beauty in the world and a deep need for constant motion. I love dreaming up custom piece concepts and figuring out new ways to invent the wheel. I don’t think I have a favorite style, they all come with their own complications and intricacies. A lot of my material is found/made from other things. Reducing waste in society is one of my wild passions. If I can take something discarded and turn it into something beautiful, something that longs to be touched, I feel like I've gifted something to the universe.

I live a full and vibrant life in my small town of Platte City, MO with my pets, partner, and awesome kiddo. Our home is filled with found/made art and I aim to make it a haven for lost souls. I drink cold brew every day, light sage and sacred wood to calm my spirit, and I am on a quest to cover my body with as much beauty as I hold in my soul.

Welcome to Somewhere Between. I want to create something for you.