Designs on Slices Dip Dye
Designs on Slices Dip Dye

Designs on Slices Dip Dye

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Designs on Slices - customize a slice of magic for your space. 

Choose from 6 or 12 inch disks in your choice of  stain and customize with our ever updating design options (or plain, whatever)

ROYGBIV - Full color of the rainbow
ROY - Reds, Oranges, Yellows
GBIV - Greens, Blues, Indigos, Violets
Mono - White, Grey, Black
Au Natural - Oh that beautiful natural fiber
Color options for dip dyes are literarily endless. for more customization, just add notes in the comments at checkout! I'll be in touch with any questions!

Wood Color Options Include:
Au Natural - just a simple matte clear coat
Pecan - like a little splash of sunshine
Gurple - a dash of grey, a bit of purple, gruple
Sequoia - the most beautiful red wood in the entire world

Interested in something even more custom? We do that too!