How has being shy affected your life?

The Shy Girl Chronicles
with the shy girl herself -
Jade Spicer

Hello fellow beautiful shy girls! 

Today’s blog question is “How has being shy affected your life?”. I know many of us can totally relate to this question. There are multiple answers to this question such as not applying to that dream job, not telling your crush that they are cute, not meeting new people, and much more. 

I recall when a younger me was always so shy to tell a crush that I thought he was cute. A very shy 15-year-old me was just terrified of telling her handsome high school crush that she had the biggest crush on him. Looking back, I was so shy and bashful I wish I could have just told him! Sigh! However, I do wonder what if I did tell him? What would life be like right now with him and I? Well, unfortunately we will never know the answer to those questions. I also recall in my early modeling days I was incredibly shy with walking on the runway in front of many people who are all looking right at you and being in front of a camera for photoshoots. Again, I ask myself where my modeling career would be at right now. 

The Shy Girl Chronicles  with the shy girl herself -  Jade Spicer We always regret how shy we were in the past and wonder what would life be like if we did conquer those tuff situations? I see it as if our higher power were telling us “Nah, it is not time sis!” Realizing that right now is the perfect time to change that question from “How has being shy affected my life?” to “How being shy has changed my life!” If we are too shy and afraid of change, we will always look back on the “what could have been”. 

I have a mini challenge for you all. Yes, homework! I will also do the challenge with you as well! I want you to ask yourselves 3 questions:

1.) What would my life look like if I was not shy?

2.) How will you change yourself from being shy?

3.) What is your dream goal?

You can message me your answers on my Instagram page (@MszJadee) and I will share my answers with you all.  I can not wait to read your answers. I want you to remember that you are not alone in this journey we are all in this together, we can do it!  

“You can conquer everything and do everything that you dream of!” 


Mzsjade from Shy Girl Chronicles  About the Author - I am choosing to take the fearful journey of overcoming shyness. YES, I know! Over the years my shyness has interfered with many opportunities. Why not use this perfect time to put my foot down and change that? Just remember, you can do all the things your heart desires. xoxo - with the shy girl herself,