The Shy Girl Herself ~ Jade Spicer

The Shy Girl Chronicles
with the shy girl herself - 
Jade Spicer 

Hello fellow beautiful shy girls!

I am Jade Spicer a 27-year-old woman of color who is very shy (hence the blog title). I am a CT technologist (Radiology), an aspiring model, and the newest blogger from Saint Louis, MO. I love reading, traveling, fashion, adventurous eating and attending my local church services.  

My blog’s goal is to show society that all women of color are not loud, aggressive (and my favorite), mad human beings and show my sensitive side of this topic.  This blog is just not only about women of color, but all women who are shy and sensitive. However, I do want to make a few adjustments, I am choosing to take the fearful journey of overcoming shyness. YES, I know! Over the years my shyness has interfered with many opportunities. Why not use this perfect time to put my foot down and change that? 


It would be my pleasure to invite all of you wonderful women who want to make a change join me in this journey. Through this journey we will support each other the entire way through. Yes, I know it will be intimidating for each of us, but we can do it! We will overcome this obstacle by seeking direction from God (or a higher power that you believe in), the support from each other, and most importantly, the support from ourselves. I want to show the world that we may be shy, but do not overlook us because we are wonderful in every single aspect! Will you join me on this life changing journey? I can not wait to start this amazing journey in the world of blogging. 

Just remember, you can do all the things your heart desires.


  • Jade!!!
    Proud of you! 😁

  • Jade,
    I’m so proud of you! This is an excellent introduction and I can’t wait to read more.❤️💯

    Audrey Mitchell
  • Love this! Very inspiring! I’m so excited to read more of your blogs in the future. Your doing amazing in life you really do deserve it. Keep being the amazing person you are!

  • Baby girl, I just want to say God as anointed you and gave you a great gift. I’m so happy to be with you on the journey! Through thick and thin us sisters support has to stay together!! I love you bestie 😘😘

    Your Best Friend ❤️😝😍
  • I’m so excited about this blog and to see where Jade takes us!


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