Meet Jessie!

Hi friends! I'm popping in to showcase a new artist that I'll be collaborating with! So far you've only seen my work and heard the words of others. Now you get to hear my words ABOUT others and I am SO damn excited about the two introductions happening today (read about Abby HERE).

Since the beginning of Somewhere Between Art, I knew it was bigger than myself. I knew that I wanted other artists and their stories intertwined with my own. Turns out when you look for beauty everywhere, you find it. And I have some of the most beautiful friends in the world.

Jessie Rodman JRod Art

Jessie has been in my friend group for what feels like ever and it wasn't until recently that we started diving deeper into each others lives. That's actually my bad... The first time he walked into a bar I was like "OH HELLO!" and I couldn't look at him without blushing for years after that (he's probably reading this now like "omg, stop it!!!!" and that right there is why I cherish you so much sir!). He started coming around more, like most humans in our life, when our son was born. Then he started posting pictures of his art. My. Mind. Was. Blown. To see such raw talent in someone is just a rare sight to behold and it's fucking awesome to watch him step into his power as an artist.

He's a multi-talented man (paint, prints to come, wood burning, you name it, he can turn it into something cool) and specializes in the absolute coolest/WEIRD fucking shit. His work pushes my limits because he is so very in tune with what can be weird and still look damn GOOD in someones space. Right now there are only a few wood burned pieces (with dip dyed ropes from yours truly) in the store and if no one snatches them up, guess what, that just means they get to live in my home for a bit longer and I am totally fine with that. Actually I have a sticker of his on my sticker table and it's one of my favorites on there (do we need pins of his stuff? because I think we do). 

He's always down to nerd out with me and I think grown humans having sleepovers should be more of a regular staple in society because spending 24+ hours with people really makes you see a person. He also has a super fucking COOL partner named Brooke that I absolutely love, and a few cat babes too. Buy his stuff, commission him for paintings, wood work, or let us collaborate and make something for you together.

JRod Art by
Jessie Rodman 
{he has an instagram and you can totally DM him, or contact him through here to start your commission! 


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