I did the thing!

Hi friends!

I finally did the thing! Enough of you asked. So many of you ordered. Every single one of you cheered me on. SO I FINALLY DID THE THING!

In the past, I've dove into the deep end with projects close to my heart, like this one. And don't get me wrong, I'm in the deep end now! I just didn't jump, I slowly waded there. I've been working on honing my fiber art skills for a few years now.

First I took a class from a WILDLY talented local artist, whose loom I still use today, thanks Whisker Row!
Then I built my own larger loom to make a piece for a friend.
Then I made small pieces for Christmas gifts for a few friends. 
Then more people asked me to make them things.
Then my father-in-law and husband built me an in home studio. 
Then people kept asking me for my instagram, then facebook, then a website to make ordering easier.

What I'm trying to say, is that this has been a slow burning heart project of mine for some time now and I am wildly excited to see where life takes this work! 

I owe you one giant THANK YOU. To each of you reading this, you are making this possible. I have so many big plans and so much magic inside, just waiting to come out. I've spent the last few years really diving into the deepest parts of my soul to pull out all of the beauty you see before you. The love that I pour into each piece is exactly what I need to channel all of my huge emotions. 
Thank you so much for being here friends. You matter. 

xoxo - Abi

Photo Credit to the ever amazing Austin Mosier Photography! If you're in the Fort Meyers or Kansas City Area, he works magic behind his lense. 

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