I’ve been lacking in joy recently. I don’t know if your boat is similar to mine, but if it is I want you to know you aren’t alone. In an attempt to bring back some brightness in my day that isn’t toxic positivity, I’d love the chance to chat with you about a supremely joyful memory. And this memory is having a laughter filled breakfast with my friend Emmi at Mildred’s. 

Emmi and I are both Enneagram Fours. If you don’t know what this means, please immediately go take your enneagram test because who doesn’t like a personality quiz. Enneagram Fours are called the individualists. We strive to be unique humans who feel things immensely deep. This means our highs are mountain top highs and our lows are the valley in Z for Zacharia lows. And when we meet each other it can either end up in complete jealousy that we have met someone else who believes they are an utterly unique person or we thrive being able to relate to someone on such an authentic level. 

Emmi and I have undoubtedly hit it off with the latter option. We have deep meaningful conversations, the kind that you sip coffee during and leave with warmth in your belly and soul. 

On this cold winter morning, pre-quarantine, we moseyed on down to the corner of 19th St and Wyandotte in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City. You know the place, where so many talented spirits in this city create some of the most captivating art. And on that corner we saw a striking brick building with a huge wooden sign, simply stating “Mildred’s” in subtle cursive. 

We hurried our cold behinds into this room, and goodness. Is there any better feeling than escaping a brisk Kansas City morning by going into the warmth of a coffee shop? We were immediately met with white walls, honey and oak wood accents, and more brick walls. And after taking in the aesthetic which a Ennegram Four lives for, I was met with the sweetest barista. She  kindly helped me through the menu since, of course, it’s my first time here. I placed an order for “The Standard” and a caramel latte. 

Emmi and I made our way to an inside picnic table and nestled in a good talk. Soon enough, our food and drinks were ready and we dove in. My sandwich, filled with steamed eggs, pepper Dijon mayo, swiss cheese, and bacon was a symphony. And between two slices of sturdy toast.  I am not one for mayo in the morning, who would be? But for some reason, it absolutely works on this sandwich. I began taking a few sips of my caramel latte prior to taking a picture of its beauty, and had to physically stop myself so I could capture it. I am a big coffee drinker, but my pallett was not prepared for how much I would love the smooth and rich taste of this latte. 


Our breakfast was over far too soon in my opinion. We cleaned our area to head out. I finally noticed some of the beautiful artwork on our way out. From a giant mural saying, “Make Love & Sandwiches” and “Tender Love Catered” to “Today’s Special, Yes it is!” Mildred’s simplicity is one of the most beautiful things about their space. It seems minimalist yet full of joy, warmth, and chatter. 


And now that I have made you fall in deep, passionate love with Mildred’s, I have the saddest of news. Mildred’s is temporarily closed due to the current health crisis after much deliberation, according to their Instagram. They are prioritizing the welfare of their patrons and staff, which is something not all restaurants can afford at this time. I am thankful for restaurant owners who are taking measures to both serve and opt not to serve during this time. It is a hefty decision and must be a tremendous burden to make. 

But with the possibility of the city opening back up on the horizon, or at least the hopes of it, please put visiting this light spot for breakfast at the top of your list. It will be the perfect mix of feeling at home in Mildred’s cultivated warmth and comfy environment but still being able to venture in the world. 


The last two last pictures captured our chilly morning venture summed it up well. I am a hype girl and will take pictures of my friends doing just about anything. So I caught an adorable picture of Emmi giggling with her broken foot. And rest assured the juxtaposition of this picture is spot on. And Emmi quickly took my phone and took a picture of me in front of the building. I didn’t like this picture at first. It is my whole body. I have a double chin in it. It is not taken at the right angle. But I love it now. It is the view my dear friend had of me. And that is the sweetest thing. 

Be kind to yourselves and each other during this weird time. 

Much love, xoxo
Jamie Lee in KC


1901 Wyandotte
Kansas City, Missouri

About the Author - I have made it my goal to visit every alley, every dive bar, every hole in the wall I can find, both exploring this city and myself mainly through the art of food. And letting you know about these joints and what they have to offer. And of course taking mad pics of good ass food.
- Jamie Lee in KC <3  

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  • Can’t wait to try this place once it’s open again! Sounds amazing! ❤️

    Kayla Akin

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