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There’s a lot of room for growth right now. Whether that is keeping an open mind and letting others input and experiences educate you on topics you didn’t realize were problematic. Or perhaps pinpointing what things in your life bring you joy and which ones drain you, and choosing the former. There is room for the growth you need.

And a way lately I have been allowing growth in my own life is literally allowing myself to take care of growing things around me. I have never had a green thumb, hell I have killed plenty of cacti. But in this state of the world, I found trying my hand at caring for something besides myself is an act I have loved leaning into. 

So when I heard Austin Moiser and Tristan Carlson were not only back from Florida, but opening KC Tiny Greenhouse, y’all a girl was ready for a visit. Due to guidelines, their storefront on the Independence Square was by appointment only. So I secured my spot and showed up ready for newness in my life.

This storefront is a solid brick appearance like you typically find in a small downtown area, but the windows and art are anything but. Beautiful window paint adorns the glass spanning nearly the whole south wall and let’s you know you are absolutely in the right place. As I walked in, I finally got to meet Austin, who is a figure I have been watching on Instagram and Facebook for a minute. Austin is a dream. He greeted me sweetly and with warmth, even with social distancing. He explained a bit about the space and what all they offered. I was then able to slowly and methodically look at each plant as I shopped. Having the space to take your time with shopping is a need for me. I find in retail and going to restaurants, I fall in love with places where I don’t feel rushed.

  KC Tiny Greenhouse

The south wall, the one with beautiful nearly floor to ceiling windows, was lined with small plants with plenty of potential. The opposite wall, painted an eye catching blue, houses all sorts of new greenery in little brown fabric pockets, constantly being watered and nurtured by a hydroponics system. On another wall are several glorious fiber art and macrame wall hangings. These beauties are made by both Craft Daddies and Somewhere Between Art. And in the middle of all this beauty and life surrounding you, there is a table adorned with jewelry, all sorts of plants, pots, crystals, and candles. Basically a dream come true for a girl like me.

I spotted a fuzzy little cutie above a sign that read “Spanish Oregano”. Austin explained this is in fact an oregano you can cook with and is even more flavorful than your run of the mill oregano. I then found a small baby version of a plant I have seen time and time again at Abi’s house, a pilea plant. My heart adores the lighter dot where the stem meets each leaf. I stopped myself at two new babies even though I wanted to pack up half the store in the back of my VW Golf.

Austin then mentioned how his soap and candle provider would be in soon to restock, which brought my attention to a shelf I had missed when walking in, right next to the front door. Filled with uniquely shaped cement jars holding delightfully scented candle wax with wood wicks and a marbled variety of handmade soaps. Austin suggested a candle titled Spiritual Gangster, as it is one of his favorite scents. I couldn't agree more. I scooped that bad boy up and had decided on these three lovelies to come home with me.

Louella Company  KC Tiny Greenhouse Craft Daddies

Another shopper came in to ask Austin a few questions before my checkout, which he assisted and answered with his insanely vast knowledge. Even sweetly telling her to send him a picture of a plant that was currently not thriving at her house so he could see what was wrong and make suggestions. While they conversed I mosied over to Tristan as he had been drawing while I shopped. I got to peak at what he was working on, and I don’t want to spoil any of their plans but you are in for a treat when they release it.

KC Tiny Greenhouse KC Tiny Greenhouse 

Jamie Lee in KCAll in all, I left that magical place with two plants and a huge candle for under $40. Floored amazement would be an understatement. Austin and Tristan are cultivating a space needed in Kansas City. A place to purchase ethical plants, aka not supporting big corporations and big box companies, and showcasing local makers along the way. Keep in mind this is only their storefront. And after it warms up and this virus gets gone, I cannot wait to visit their actual greenhouse in Midtown.

So you sweet human beans, if you find you are stressed to the max and about to turn into a snapped pea, try taking care of something small. Brining life and helping maintain beauty brings quite a bit of it to your own existence.

Much love,
Jamie Lee in KC
104 East Lexington Ave
Independence, MO


PS - Hi Friends! Abi here! Thank you so much for following along not only Jamie, but SBA as a whole. As a thank you and an homage to you, Jamie, and Austin, use code: #friendsofKCTG at checkout to get 25% off ANY ready to ship item! 
About the Author - I have made it my goal to visit every alley, every dive bar, every hole in the wall I can find, both exploring this city and myself mainly through the art of food. And letting you know about these joints and what they have to offer. And of course taking mad pics of good ass food.
- Jamie Lee in KC <3 

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