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We are spending a lot of time inside. At least for humanity's sake, I hope we all are. Daydreaming of evenings we can sit with our loved ones and snack on a delicious appetizer at a new restaurant. Or make a toast with some friends over some terrific news at your local watering hole. And my heart is even aching for splitting some dessert with a girlfriend while we process a difficult part of life at my favorite bakery. It is perfectly normal to crave and grieve these things, both the company and the food. 

And while we are feeling these big emotions, or no emotions, let me paint you a picture. A picture of a place that has every delectable food you can imagine, or at least every kind of food I put at the top of my deliciousness list. Pizza, wings, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, hummus, baklava, AND funnel cakes? I believe I have died and gone to fat girl heaven where I rightfully belong. Where the crop tops and bellies aplenty and chub rub is banished forever. 


Well friends, this place does in fact exist and it is even in our little gem of a city. The restaurant I was mentioning, not fat girl heaven. One can dream.


Just north of W 39th St on the west side of Main St, you will see an adorable, white brick building. Wrapped around the building, it says “Haha’s Hub”. And you don’t need to daydream about visiting post-pandemic. Like many of our hometown eateries - there is take out galore, which is in fact keeping many of these places afloat. And I could not recommend this place more highly. 

I called after checking out their online menu and placed my order with a funny yet direct gentleman. He let me know my food would be ready in ten minutes. With it being ready so quickly, I headed to that cute white building. I walked into a triangular room smaller than your typical bedroom, where a counter is opposite the front door. Chairs and tables were stacked in the corner to help keep our distance from each other. The same gentleman I talked to on the phone stood behind the counter, identifying me immediately by my order. He quickly produced a boxed sausage pizza with extra cheese, onion rings, and a can of pepsi for under $15.00. I was awestruck. 

I parked my butt in my car and quickly sanitized my hands as I was starving. Opening the pizza box, I saw what I can only describe as the most beautiful thing to my hungry eyes. Scrumptious cheese melted onto homemade dough. Don’t think you are going to get Pizza Hut crust at Haha’s Hub. No. You will get a spongey, light, sturdy crust that is not overwhelmed by plenty of toppings. I easily ate half the pizza before I opened an entire to go box of onion rings. Opening this box, it really hit me how much food I got for my money. Which is always one of my favorites. The onion rings were crisped to perfection and I could only eat a few after eating half a pizza. 


According to Haha’s website, “Our menu features a variety of Mediterranean, American and Middle Eastern cuisine made from scratch with the freshest ingredients. We're a full-service Halal restaurant that enjoys offering outstanding food in a family-friendly environment.” So even though my hungry butt convinced myself to go for pizza and onion rings, next time I will be diving into a gyro and baklava. 

Don’t forget if you are capable of ordering take out, think and do support your local restaurants. In the next few months, these to go orders are going to either make it or break it for some of the places we love. If your immune system or those who are close to you won’t allow for take out, think about ordering delivery or gift certificates once our world is back to normal working order. 


If you checked out Haha’s because of this blog, please let us know. We love hearing about your experiences. And of course, if you have any recommendations send me a direct message on Instagram. Even though I have a lengthy list of all the places I want to visit, I also want to go to your favorite spot to grab a bite or drink. So let me know what it is!

As always, much love and wash your hands,
xoxo- Jamie Lee in KC

3834 Main St
Kansas City, Missouri

About the Author - I have made it my goal to visit every alley, every dive bar, every hole in the wall I can find, both exploring this city and myself mainly through the art of food. And letting you know about these joints and what they have to offer. And of course taking mad pics of good ass food.
- Jamie Lee in KC <3 

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